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Summit View School is dedicated to educating young people with learning differences who possess average to superior intellectual capabilities. Recognizing the unique strengths, aptitudes, and natural gifts of each student, the program fosters academic growth, creativity, and a sense of mastery and accomplishment. A commitment to maximizing each student’s potential and performance forms the foundation of the school’s educational program.

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One in five students identified as having a learning difference will walk away from their education. The right learning environment is a critical piece in the motivation and success of a student with learning differences.
Intervention greatly improves students' chances to adapt learning strategies that will enable them to succeed in school.
Some of the biggest names in history, movies, music and sports are people who struggled in school with learning and attention issues, including Thomas Edison, Pablo Picasso, Babe Ruth, Steven Spielberg, Charles Schwab, and Muhammad Ali.
% of our students graduate
% of our students attend college